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Back up iOS devices with the aid of saved SHSH blobs
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TinyUmbrella is a software utility developed by Semaphore that offers users the possibility to save SHSH blobs. The software used to be very helpful in the past when users needed to downgrade their iOS devices to a previous version. Nowadays, it is only used for backing up SHSH blobs for iOS devices, but the developers promised to add in the downgrade abilities once more.

When the installation process is completed, the users are greeted by a minimalist interface, that has a simple main menu, with a few tabs, no customizable appearance, and no general settings to help you improve the user experience.

The way TinyUmbrella works is by using the SHSH blobs that are attached to Apple updates. The SHSH blobs, which contain specific details of the firmware version, are being saved by this utility to an external file where they're being kept for later use.

Overall, despite not being able to downgrade iOS devices anymore, TinyUmbrella remains a helpful utility for helping users to save SHSH blobs. It's free and it's very responsive to user commands, and it the future it might reintroduce the downgrade feature.

John Saunders
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  • Offers a great response time to user commands
  • Saves SHSH blobs


  • Lacks a General settings menu
  • Doesn't have theme options
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